Boston – Destination Branding

The Boston Visitors Bureau is a Boston based organization in charge of tourism within the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They provide visitors a large variety of resources including maps, a list of landmarks, and a calendar of upcoming city events.

With this in mind, I decided to create a form of branding that would represent the rustic nature of Boston’s architecture while also taking inspiration fro how modern the city itself is.

A majority of the design relies on the importance of white space. Since the logo is a little more flashy, there needs to be an appropriate amount of white space. The blue wash chosen to compliment the rustic red but not pulling away too much attention.

Again, white played an immense role in the decisions made when designing the additional collateral pieces. For the mug and t-shirt white was the logical choice. It allowed for the logo to be the focal point of each piece.

A custom app could allow someone to view different aspects of the website seamlessly, while also increasing the city’s branding opportunities.