Frozen Nova

The packaging for Frozen Nova was created with the convenience of travel portions in mind. All of the items are a single serving, eliminating the need to measure and count serving sizes. The packaged ice cream even comes with a convenient spoon attached to the bottom of the container.

The ad campaign for Frozen Nova concentrate on the space theme and on the ability to take Frozen Nova products home. The outdoor and print ads highlight the small portions, but also the fun and excitement within every serving of ice cream.

A punch card would be the promotional aspect that would benefit the consumer. After they have purchased enough Frozen Nova products, they become eligible to take home free ice cream!

The logo was a key part of creating the company itself. Therefore there was a process book made highlighting the key parts of creating the logo. This booklet provides the reader with a step by step walk-though of how the logo went from a sketch to a working logo.